5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee/Espresso Machine

When you’re considering buying a new coffee and/or espresso machine for your home, office, restaurant or cafe, there are several things you must determine before you make a decision. Below is a list of all the things we here at Gold Roast believe are the most important to consider when buying a new coffee/espresso machine in order to get the best performance for the best price. Read on to find out more. 



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Determine What Your Coffee Needs Are

You need to figure out what you need your coffee/espresso machine to do. There are so many options out there in regards to coffee machines. Each coffee machine has different abilities and aspects that differ depending on what your needs are. Do you need your machine to make espresso, foam milk, or distribute hot water for tea? Do you need it to get water from an existing pipe system so you don’t have to fill it up yourself? How much coffee do you need it to make at one time? How specialized do you need your machine to be? These are all things you must determine before you start shopping for a new coffee machine.

Consider the Size Volume Output of the Machine


If you're looking to buy an espresso or coffee machine for your restaurant or cafe then you need to be looking at commercial machines. However, depending on the size of your restaurant or cafe, you need to decide what type of system will work best for you. Simple pot brew systems are better for big restaurants that need to make as much coffee as possible out of a single serving and aren't specializing in coffee drinks. A smaller, but more sophisticated espresso machine would be better suited for a small cafe that specializes in brewing coffee and speciality drinks.


If you're looking for a machine for your home or office, then a smaller machine is probably more practical. A single-cup brew system like the Keurig or the Tassimo are great for homes and offices that have a variety of preferences and don't go through a ton of cups of coffee or espresso in a day. 

Cost vs. Value

Not only do you need to consider how much the machine itself costs, you also have to think about who will be supplying your machine with the products it needs to work properly. Is it in your budget to take on an expensive machine that will have expensive parts? Are you planning on renting or buying a machine? And finally, for restaurants and cafes, will you be able to make a profit off of the machine that you choose to buy?

The Type of Coffee/Espresso Beans You Want to Use


You should consider any additional equipment you might want to include with your new coffee maker. For restaurants, it often makes more sense to buy coffee beans in bulk and not participate in the development of the beans. At the same time, it's very trendy for cafes to have their hand in every step of the roasting process, which in the end creates a unique product. It's also important to consider the kind of beans your machine will use. Some machines have grinders built into them while others don't. Some espresso machines only accept paper pods made by their company. Considering this aspect of your machine purchase will help you narrow your spectrum and give your coffee goals better direction.


In Person Examination

Once you've come to a decision about the criteria you're looking for in a coffee machine, you need take the time to interact with different models of coffee and espresso makers in person. Here at Gold Roast we have a showroom that contains lots of different kinds and types of coffee machines that you can check out. This step is very important because once you know what you're looking for, then you need to decide which model of coffee maker is going to be the most friendly in your business' environment.




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Click here to see what our customers have to say.