Water Services

Water Services



In this day and age when plastic water bottles are being frowned upon it is good to know that there are other options available.Gold Roast Coffee Water Services


Our solution is to provide a plumbed-in water cooler that has many benefits including:

  • reliable clean, safe and great tasting water;
  • convenience of a bottle cooler but without the heavy lifting, ordering and storing of water jugs;
  • easy to use with no running out;
  • more environmentally friendly than plastic water bottles; and
  • a piece of mind.


Provided with the water cooler is an inline water filter, that provides clean and reliable drinking water free from bad odours and harmful chemicals. We offer rental programs where we bill you at quarterly intervals for each month. The water filter is of course included in these payments. Or of course you may purchase the cooler outright.




Filters are used to provide taste-, odour-, and chlorine-reduced water as well as removing other harmful contaminants. They are used in conjunction with coolers or as stand alones for other purposes such as your coffee machine. Naturally since we are all about coffee we want good quality water to provide for your optimal cup of coffee.

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