How to Dispose of a Coffee Machine


Has your coffee maker bit the dust? Maybe you are just looking to upgrade. But what do you do with the old machine?  GoldRoast want’s to inform you of the best, safest, and most eco- friendly way to dispose of a coffee machine.


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How to Propery Dispose of a Comercial Coffee Machine

1)   Find a new owner: If your machine still works but is not valuable for your purposes anymore you may want to consider giving it away or selling it.  This is a great way to properly dispose of a working machine.

2)   Donate: At Gold Roast we encourage you to not through away or dispose of a working coffee machine. Consider donating it to a charity of your choice. 

3)   Fix then sell: Before you dispose of a broken coffee machine make sure you look into the cost of fixing said machine. It may work out that you could fix the machine, sell it and cut your losses. You might even want to keep your old machine. At Gold Roast we would be happy to look at the machine and see if it’s an easy fix or not.

4)   Have your Machine picked up by a delivery service:  Often the service you purchase your next machine from will dispose of your old machine. Be sure to ask that this service properly disposes of the item.  Here at Gold Roast we will dispose of your machine for you after replacing it, and assure you it is being disposed of in the most green friendly way possible

5)   Call:  Each region may have different ways of disposing household appliances.  Call your local municipality or solid waste utility and those close by to learn how best to recycle or dispose of your machine in your machine.

6)   Bring your Machine to a specialist: Even if your machine is broken you may be able to get cash for its parts. Before disposing of the machine be sure to ask a specialist who may want to buy machine parts off of you. We have staff on site who would be happy to check the value of your machine

7)   Take the machine apart: If you have exhausted all other options you may want to consider taking apart the machine and trying to sort out recyclable pieces from non-recyclables. This may be a long and time-consuming process and should be considered as a last resort.  Be sure that your machine is unplugged before you begin this process.

We hope this article has been benificial and informative. If you have any more questions about how to dispose of your coffee machine be sure to give us a call.  We would love to help you out. 

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Click here to see what our customers have to say.