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There is magic in the Andes. A potent energy that imbues the coffee nurtured there with near-mythic ..
This intensely bold, elegantly-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of our roast masters' consumma..
Your favorite comfy chair. A window to watch the world go by. A rich and delicious cup, freshly prep..
Barista Prima Italian Roast Coffee is a veritable treat for coffee lovers. With its ripe fruit and b..
Perfectly flavoured with natural bergamot. ..
Bigelow English Breakfast Tea - Rich and robust, black tea as the English like it. ..
One sip of our velvety rich milk chocolate cocoa and you'll know you're enjoying a higher order of h..
Explore the dark side with this full-bodied, earthy Coffee People favourite. ..
Remember the good ol' days with this sweet full-bodied classic. ..
Attention ground control. This full bodied XX bold coffee packs a punch. ..
Caramel Vanilla Cream offers drizzles of sweet, buttery caramel and brown sugar, with swirls of vani..
This coffee offers the rich aromatics and flavors of espresso, tailored specifically for the unique ..
Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavors of sweet vanilla cream. ..
Green Mountain Coffee's Donut House Collection was created for the untapped segment of coffee drinke..
Green Mountain Coffee's Donut House Collection was created for the untapped segment of coffee drinke..
The sweet flavor of juicy sun-kissed blueberries, baked to perfection in a buttery crust. ..
All the flavor, half the caffeine. Perfect when you want a little late-afternoon or evening pick-me-..
Island Coconut is a well balanced coffee with delicate coconut flavor that transports your senses to..
Weaved exotic and delicious coffee attributes together - winey berry tones from East Africa, deep, f..
A classic blend of beans, this coffee appeals to a wide range of palates. Well-balanced and complete..
GMCR Vermont Country Blend Decaf Coffee K-CupsAn engaging blend that reveals itself in laye..
GMCR Vermont Country Blend Coffee K-CupsAn engaging blend that reveals itself in layers. A ..
Keurig Cup (Free*) New
* Free Keurig glass cup with any online order of k-cups. Limit one per your weekly delivery order ..
Laura Secord® signs this intense and creamy hot chocolate. This rich and refined beverage will remin..
Laura Secord® signs this intense and creamy hot chocolate. This rich and refined beverage will remin..
Enjoy home-brewed Snapple® iced tea – great lemon flavor and made with green and black tea leaves. Y..
For the ultimate refreshment, brew a cup of raspberry flavored green and black tea from Snapple®–Mad..
A passion for the culinary romance of Italy inspired thi seductive, full bodied blend of Latin Ame..
Starbucks French Roast K-Cups 24's New
Starbucks' darkest and boldest roast. This is a cup of liquid smoke!24 pack K Cup ..
In 1971 we opened our first store in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Reflecting on our heritage inspi..
In 1971 we opened our first store in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Reflecting on our heritage inspi..
Starbucks True North Blend - Blonde RoastRoasting this blend of specially chosen Latin American ..
Our most popular K Cup. A subtle blend with a smooth, easy going flavour. ..
Among things that we enjoy at Timothy’s®: coffee and chocolate... Together. We are celebrating this ..
Match India's rhythms to your soul, its colours to your mind and discover a flavour adventure all on..
Chai is a traditional Indian tea that is now popular in North America. It is a sweet, spicey, and mi..
Timothy’s Chamomile tea is made from the flower of the finest chamomile and is naturally caffeine-fr..
Timothy's Christmas Blend K-Cups (limited) New
A classical blend of the finest beans, this medium roast coffee has plenty of spirit. You’ll enjoy i..
Timothy’s Cinnamon Pastry perfectly balances the spicy sweetness of cinnamon with a light pastry fin..
A pure Colombian and caffeine free coffee that retains most of its original coffee character. A deli..
Timothy's Colombian Excelencia is an exceptional, 100% Arabica coffee from Columbia's majestic Andes..
Timothys Colombian La Vereda Keurig K-Cups are Timothys signature selection.La Vereda, extensive..
Cranberry Twist combines the health benefits of green tea with the rich taste of fresh cranberries. ..
This sweet and buttery South American caramel drink is the perfect reward after a trek through the P..
Earl Grey tea is a black tea blend that was named after the 2nd Earl Grey, a British Prime Minister ..
This classic Parisian roast is a thick, hearty blend. Its deep, dark color and invigorating aroma wi..
Emeril's new Jazzed Up Decaf is a dark, rich, full-bodied coffee that is smooth and satisfying. Jazz..
The same great taste of Timothy’s English Breakfast tea, without the caffeine. Steeps to a full-bodi..
With a long history, this tea is blended in a style traditionally associated with a hearty English b..
Using a dark Parisian profile, this blend is roasted to perfection. The coffee taste is strong, swee..
The taste of this flavoured selection is quite decadent with the subtle sophistication of all-natura..
Light, aromatic, silky. Gently get carried away by a soft, fluffy cloud of French Vanilla perfuming ..
Relax with the comforting aroma and flavuor of bakery fresh chocolate cake. This coffee features the..
Enjoy our luscious combination of roasted hazelnut and french vanilla cream. Our best selling flavou..
A luscious combination of roasted hazelnut and french vanilla cream. Perfect for dessert! Our best-s..
The traditional taste of Irish Cream liqueur – smooth and luxurious with a velvety texture. This cof..
A very smooth, light espresso blend that is more sweet than bittersweet, and great in the afternoon ..
KAHLÚA Original K-Cups combine the delicious notes of rum, vanilla and caramel, wrapped in roasted c..
This caffeine free tea is an herbal blend with a tangy, fresh lemon taste. We have added a touch of ..
Adding to Timothy’s tradition of excellence, we are proud to offer this very dark and robust blend. ..
Timothy’s Mocha Java is a blend with the bright sweetness of Ethiopian beans and the hearty body of ..
An uncomplicated blend from Brazil with a light aroma. A lively blend that is finely balanced and en..
This medium roasted pure origin coffee is certified organic. A well-rounded coffee that awakens your..
Timothy’s Original Donut Blend will conjure memories of simpler days. This inviting cup of coffee is..
Savour the essence of chocolate and hints of macadamia nut as they mingle together, creating a smoot..
Peppermint serves as a calming agent to soothe an upset stomach or aid in digestion. It has also bee..
Timothy's Perfectly Pumpkin Keurig K-Cups combine the subtle flavor of pumpkin is delicately blended..
This espresso coffee blend is a strong, full bodied coffee. A sweet, smooth and richly satisfying pa..
Timothy’s hand picked Colombian coffee that is roasted in a very dark, tangy Parisian fashion. San L..
There’s a moment. A moment when daylight lingers a little longer in the forest; a moment when the sn..
This delicious, smooth beverage is perfect for times when you don't want coffee or tea. Designed for..
Brimming with flavours of caramelized sugar, custard, and vanilla, Timothy's Winter Carnival is like..
Tully’s most popular decaf roast. Powerful and intense with a smoky, decadent finish. It's the ultim..
Tully’s most popular roast. Powerful and intense with a smoky, decadent finish. It's the ultimate ex..
Tully's full-bodied Italian Roast is robust and intense delivering spicy characteristics with a long..
A rich & satisfying robust tea, traditionally blended with Kenyan & Assam black teas (decaf)..
This well-balanced blend of African coffees, renowned for their fruity and slightly spicy flavours, ..
This round-bodied coffee presents a well balanced blend of tangy and woodsy flavours and guarantees ..
Let the sunshine in with the lively acidity and floral aromas of this light coffee. The slightly fru..
Your palate will be fond of this decadent coffee, where the creamy caramel taste is lightly accentua..
A surprising coffee that achieves the taste of a chocolate raspberry truffle melting in your mouth. ..
This bold coffee stands out with its rich and intense aroma, fruity notes and fragrance. ..
This smooth tasting coffee has a lively acidity and a wonderfully sweet wine-like flavour. ..
Aside from being a tropical paradise, Costa Rica also happens to be a dream destination for coffee l..
Your palate will immediately recognize the taste of this classic dessert: rich and creamy vanilla, t..
This powerful coffee suggests caramelized undertones, a round body and an intriguing flavour of ripe..
This coffee can be distinguished by its intense aroma, its toasted notes and cocoa flavour, its agre..
Our dark roast French Roast decaffeinated coffee flaunts caramelized notes and a rich flavour, witho..
The vanilla that once conquered the French monarchs is now charming the most sophisticated palates. ..
Van Houtte Holiday Blend K-Cups New
A rich and flavourful blend, with intense woodsy notes and subtle acidity. Holiday Blend will be the..
This coffee offers a delicate aroma, a pleasant acidity and a full body, enhanced by delightfully sw..
This very aromatic coffee has a round body, a slightly bitter touch and a hint of acidity. A perfect..
This very bold coffee will stupefy your senses with its intense fruity taste, heavy body, and intere..